How To Clean A Gun Step by step


If you want to fire safely and keep your gun functioning, you need to clean your gun regularly. Due to the little blowup in the chamber, every time you draw the trigger, residue & sediment are remained on the inside of the barrel, making it necessary that you keep your gun regularly to avoid risky breakdown. You need to clean your gun every time you fire and especially during your practice time. Here we discuss a step by step process on how to clean a gun successfully:       Continue reading

How do I use my gun cleaning kit?

We can buy a gun cleaning kit easily, but we have to know how to use it properly. First of all, we can watch videos on YouTube about how to use gun cleaning kit and all the procedure of using it. All guns are not same and at the time of cleaning the methods are also different from one another. We have to know the basic instructions for using a gun cleaning kit. We have to maintain various procedure, and they are given below: Continue reading

How much oil to use when cleaning gun?

Welcome back, everybody. Today I’m here to write about the topic “how much oil to use when cleaning a gun.” It’s one of the most asked questions of gun users or haunts loving people.

For hunters, gun is the heart of their hobby. It’s a great leisure time passion of course. Gun or pistols are also necessary tools for professional shooters, cops, military officers and bodyguards too.
To them, gun cleaning is a regular task to do. But if he is new or beginner of cleaning guns himself, it is quite tricky. Especially while using oil for lubricating the gun, they get confused ‘how much to use?!’ Continue reading

How to use the timing belt?

Usually, the problems of timing belt appear or come without any warning. You won’t be able to know with any of squeak that it is coming. The timing belt is generally indicated as the sudden stop of the motor of the car with a cluck which was running perfectly and smoothly just a second before. In this problem, your machine will misbehave very suddenly and won’t restart at all.

Once the timing problem arises, you need to fix your engine perfectly. Otherwise, your expensive engine can be damaged, or pistons or the valves may collide because of these repairs. Make sure about the valve damage before the replacement of the belt when your timing belt has been broken. For the smoother engine, you need to know the proper use of timing belt. This content will help you by describing the steps about how to use the timing belt. Continue reading

How to clean a backpack?

Backpacks are essential for students, kids, and travelers carrying supplies and homework on the go. Over time, moister, food, and everyday tear and ware can make a backpack smelly and filthy. Fortunately, most backpacks are designed to endure everyday tear and ware, and you will not have to face many complications to clean them. Most of the backpacks are designed to wash like regular clothes in the washing machine, but others might need to be cleaned by hand. It depends on the materials of the backpacks. You can easily keep your bag clean with a little bit of elbow grease and some light cleaning products. Hopefully, this contest will help you to extend the lifespan of your backpack. Continue reading

How to use tactical Backpack?

Many types of tactical backpacks available in the market which are designed for long outdoor trips, and sometimes for hiking or camping for a couple of weeks. But if anyone wishes to spend just a weekend in the countryside or hill stations, then the backpack can be extra-large for him. He might face many problems or bothering while carrying it. To solve these problems the small version or backpacks comes into play. Continue reading

What is the best gun cleaning kit?

Using your firearm is a pretty complex thing and it requires special skills and lots of other things. However, everyone who uses firearms really wants them to work properly and without any complications. That is why there are gun cleaning kits on the market.

Cleaning of your firearm is an essential thing to do if you own a gun or any other firearm. Simply speaking, before using a gun, you need to make sure that everything is cleaned and perfectly still in its place.

So, with a wide number of gun cleaning kits on the market, one could not be so sure which one to get. Anyhow, we are here to discuss everything about gun cleaning kits so that you can have a full insight in gun cleaning kits. Continue reading

What is the solution to America’s mass shooting problem?

It is already a well-known fact that the United States of America had suffered a lot of mass shootings problems in the past several years. There have been a lot of changes that strongly influenced society in general, and after all, people still can’t find the solution to this devastating problem.
Time and time again, we are faced with the terrible news of someone getting killed or injured or being victimized in the mass shooting events that occurred recently. Not only that, but, some of these mass shooting situations were being held at the school as well. That is definitely one of the biggest concerns for every American citizen. Continue reading