Best Tactical Belt Reviews in 2019

The best tactical belt, often called utility belt is a belt designed to assist you in you in your line of work or aide you in the type of activity you plan on using it for. These belts are not your everyday normal belt that you would wear casually. The people who use these types of belts are mainly in the line of work for military and police work. But they are also used for other professions such as riggers, mountain climbers and rappelers. The tactical belts that are used in the line of military and police work are designed to not only hold your pants up but also be able to hold an allotted amount of weight on the belt, usually around 15-20 pounds of weight. These tactical belts will be able to harness such items like your firearms, flashlights, handcuffs, pepper spray, extra ammunition and other types of survival gear for that particular line of work. The other types of tactical belts used by riggers, mountain climbers and rappelers are designed to basically save or preserve your life. They are designed to not only hold your pants up but also be able to withstand and hold an incredible amount of weight. Most are qualified to hold up to 5000 pounds of weight and have attachments to clip carabiners or hooks to for ropes and pulleys. In the article we will go over and cover the different types of tactical belts available and the main uses and purposes. We will also cover the best tactical belts available for purchase on the market today.

Top Ten Best Tactical Belt Reviews

1. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

This is a great option for any police officer or special unit officer to carry their weapons and gear upon. It is proudly made in the United States. The belt is a rigid and strong leather belt which is 1 ½ inches wide and 14 ounces in weight making it perfect to fit any and all gun holsters, flashlight cases, ammunition cartridges or any other tool you may need to hang upon it. It also will not sag or bend from the weight upon it due to its strong construction. The belt is also stylish enough to wear around town if you want, and just happens to be the best reviewed tactical belt on the market today. This tactical belt is specific for uses that need to be holding guns and tools, it is however not built to support your own weight and therefore is not very good or reliable as a riggers belt.


  • Solid and sturdy leather belt able to fit any and all gun holsters and tools
  • Lightweight and will not bend or tear or sag
  • Stylish to wear for everyday life
  • Best reviewed tactical belt on Amazon


  • Not meant to be used as riggers belt or to support human body weight

2. Hanks Belt Concealed CCW Full Grain Gun Belt

This tactical belt is also very similar to the one mentioned above but just a few smaller adjustments to its price and functions. This belt does come a little bit cheaper which does make it a viable option.

The belt is also a rigid and strong belt made in the United States of America consisting of a flat and soft but full grain 14-ounce leather. The belt is also a quarter inch thick and 1 ½ inches wide making it perfect to hand any gun holster, ammo holster, flashlight or any other tool you may need to hang from it. It is guaranteed to never bend, break or stretch while also never sagging. The tactical belt also has a very strong and durable pinhole belt buckle that is also interchangeable if you wish to change out the belt buckle. As said before the belt is also specific to peace officers and the like and so it is not meant to withstand human body weight making it a poor choice for any rigger or mountain climber.


  • Strong and sturdy belt buckle that is also interchangeable
  • Firm and slat full grain leather construction that will never bend or break
  • 14 ounces in weight and 1 ½ inches thick making it perfect for hanging any type of tools
  • Stylish features and smooth surface perfect for everyday living


  • Not meant to be used as riggers belt or to support human body weight

3. Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Cobra EDC Belt

This tactical gun belt is probably not the best choices of gun belts, but that really depends on what you are looking for in a gun belt.

The belt is made of double-sided weaved nylon making it incredibly stronger than most other gun belts. It is 2 inches in width which also makes it difficult to not fit all sizes of belt loops so make sure and measure before making a purchase of this belt. The belt has one of the strongest belt buckles available made of CNC aluminum and the strap is also secured with a Velcro backstrap so there will be no twisting, sagging or breaking. The belt is also not the prettiest to look at so it may not be that great to wear around for everyday living. The belt buckle is over sized but the actual belt is 1 ½ inched in width so it will fit any and all holsters or cases you wish to attach to it. This belt is also on the pricier side of things when it comes to tactical belts due to the incredibly strong material it is made of.


  • Strongest belt buckle on the market constructed of CNC aluminum
  • 1 ½ inch width belt making it perfect to fit any and all holsters and cases
  • Double layered weaved nylon that will not twist, break or bend
  • Velcro back strap that will take care of the extra belt slack in place


  • Belt buckle is oversized and will not fit all belt loops
  • Not stylish to wear as everyday belt

4. 11 SIERRA BRAVO DUTY Tactical Belt Kit

While this belt is very moderately priced, making it easily affordable for just about anyone, it has a few major fallbacks that set it apart from the other tactical belts. Mainly the biggest fallback is that this belt is not covered by any kind of guarantee so there is no room for exchanging, returning or refunding the item in the case that it does malfunction.

This belt is also only for police officers but is also limited to the number of tools it carries. The belt comes with four strap attachments for your guns and tools and if you want to add more you will need to purchase more straps. The belt is incredibly strong, made of double thick and double layered nylon and has a Velcro strap to hold excess strap in place. The inside of the belt is also coated to protect it from any water or moisture as well. This is not a very wise choice since there are many other choices of belts with many more options and special features.


  • Double thick and double layered strong and resilient nylon makeup
  • Water proof and protects against sweat and moisture
  • Very moderately priced


  • Limited to number of tools it carries

5. 11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4-Inch Belt

This is a very versatile belt as it can be used for any job you need it for. Whether that is as a police officer or a rigger. The belt is constructed of extra strong nylon and is reinforced with triple stitching to ensure durability. The belt buckle is very strong that is made of stainless steel and covered in black matte that is rated to withhold up to 6000 pounds of weight. There is also a Velcro attached to it to keep the excess back strap in place. The belt is also equipped with a solid carabiner to ensure the safety of anyone wearing it.


  • Very strong stainless-steel belt buckle rated for 6000 pounds of weight
  • Super strong nylon belt with triple stitching for extra reinforcement
  • Very versatile and able to be used for riggers and police officers alike
  • Velcro patching to keep back any excess backstrap
  • Caribiner attached to belt buckle


  • No warranty included

6. Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt

This is a great option for any officer or military personnel. The belt is also very fairly priced. The belt is constructed of double thick, military grade nylon with extra reinforced stitching and a width of 1 ½ inches making it perfect to fit any and all pant or jeans loops as well as able to be attached to any gun holster or cases. The belt buckle is among the strongest made which is constructed of 7075 aluminum which is what they use in aerospace and also has solid brass release clips attached at the buckle for a strong hold and easy release. The belt is also waterproof and will not bend or break. This belt is not able to be used for mountain climbers or riggers as it is not made for that purpose. The belt is also available in many different styles and colors without sacrificing any of the major components of the strongest cobra belt.


  • Double thick, military grade nylon with reinforced stitching
  • Extra strong D-ring style belt buckle composed of aerospace grade aluminum
  • Solid brass release clips attached at the buckle for easy release
  • Waterproof, unbreakable or bendable


  • Not to be used as a rigger or mountain climbers’ belt

7. Elite CO Shooters Belt with COBRA Buckle, 1.5″

This is a very basic model of nylon composed tactical belt that is very fairly priced. However, the belt does not come with any guarantee. The belt is constructed of 100% nylon that will not twist or break and has a Velcro attachment to hold back any excess backstrap. The belt buckle is just as strong as any other that exceeds the required specifications that protect it from dust, oils and water elements. The belt is also 1 ½ inches wide making it perfect to fit any belt loops as well as hold any type of holster or gun cases. This belt is more marketed towards underwater professions such as scuba divers or navy seals which does not make it ideal for any other jobs.


  • 100% nylon with reinforced webbing making it waterproof and unbreakable
  • Very fairly priced
  • 1 ½ inches in width and able to fit any belt loops or hold any cases or holsters
  • Belt buckle exceeds required specifications for dust, oil, dirt and water.


  • Solely to be used for only underwater professions, and not riggers

8. CQR Tactical Belt

This is a great option for any tactical gun belt as it is very moderately priced. The belt is constructed of 100% rip resistant nylon webbing and has a Velcro strap to hold back any excess back straps. The belt buckle is made of a non-metal, high density polymer plastic which means no worries going through metal detectors. The belt is also 1 ½ inches in width making it perfect to fit any and all belt loops, cases and holsters. This belt is not meant to be used for any riggers or mountain climbers though.


  • 1 ½ inch width perfect for any belt loops and will fit any and all cases and holsters
  • 100% rip resistant nylon webbing for extra strength
  • The belt buckle is made of high-density plastic polymer


  • Not meant for riggers or mountain climbers

9. Fairwin Tactical Belt

This is a great choice of a tactical gun belt as it includes some great features and is also among the cheapest on this review list. This belt is also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

The belt is constructed of environmental high-grade nylon which is waterproof and breathable making it perfect for everyday usage. The belt is also 1 ½ inches in width so it will fit all belt loops and able to be attached to any and all cases and holsters for your tools. The belt buckle is made of high-grade alloy metal with solid brass release clips for easy and quick release but a very strong hold. This is a great cheap option for anyone wanting to test out a tactical gun belt however it is not meant to be used as a rigger belt or a mountain climber’s belt.


  • Belt is 1 ½ inches in width perfect for any belt loops or cases and holsters for tools
  • Belt buckle is made from high grade alloy metals
  • Solid brass clips on the buckle for easy and quick release
  • Waterproof and breathable for everyday usage


  • Not meant to be used for mountain climber’s or riggers

10. Propper Tactical Duty Belt

This tactical gun belt is at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of quality and special features which makes it our last choice for anyone. This belt is the cheapest tactical belt we have listed. The belt is 100% nylon webbing but does not include any Velcro to hold back any excess slack in the belt. The belt is 1 ½ inches in width which make it able to fit any belt loops and hold any cases or holsters for your tools. A major fall back is the belt buckle is made from plastic so there is no telling how strong it may actually be. The belt does come in several different colors but that does not excuse the lack of features or safety regulations. This one just barely meets the requirements. Be careful when purchasing this belt.


  • 1 ½ inches in width and able to fit all belt loops
  • Any and all gun holsters or cases for tools will fit on the belt
  • 100% single layered nylon webbing
  • Comes in several different colors


  • Plastic belt buckle
  • Barely meets safety requirements

How to choose a tactical gun belt

When choosing the right tactical belt, it is important to choose one based on the reason you will be using it or for the particular line of work it will be utilized within. For many police officers and military personnel, the key Is to make sure to buy a belt that will hold up for pants while also being able to hold a large amount of weight such as the items attached to the belt. These types of belt are much more rigid with an added support running through the belt to ensure the belt holds a particular amount of weight. They are not the kind of belt you would be wearing out for everyday life but mainly for a reason or line of work. If you are a rappeler or a rigger then you will want to find a belt that will ensure your safety when dangling several hundred feet in the air or off the side of a cliff or building. You definitely do not want to buy a cheap belt in either of these categories as your life may depend on its functionality. It is absolutely crucial that you do the research and carefully choose the best tactical belt for your particular line of work or extra circular activities.

What are the advantages/Benefits of a tactical gun belt?

As mentioned above, you do not want to you a regular belt to either hold your gun or flashlight on your belt as they most likely will either fall off or become constricted when you need to access your tools at the right moment. You also do not want to rely on just any old belt to hold your weight plus extra weight from the gear or people you will be hold when rappelling or rigging. A tactical belt is designed to protect yourself from danger and possibly even save your life in the process.

What are the things to look for when choosing a tactical belt?

Make sure to get a tactical belt that will help you in the way you need it to. Do not go cheap or undersell the belt. If you need to quip yourself with several items or tools then make sure the belt has plenty of space or areas to hold the tools as well as be able to hold a specific amount of weight on the belt or be able to withstand a certain amount of weight. There really aren’t any “best cheap gun belts” or “unreliable” tactical belts out there, but just to be sure, ask your fellow coworkers or friends which are the best to use. Also read the best tactical belt reviews and functions of the belt before leaping for a purchase you may regret. The things to look for when choosing a belt are determined by four different factors: width, strength, the materials they are made from and the buckle itself. Having the proper width and thickness of the belt will help you to determine if your tools and firearms will be able to fit on the actual belt, the best bet is around 1 ½ – 2 inches of width with 10 cm thickness to endure not only strength but functionality as well. Having the proper strength of the belt will rely on the stiffness of the belt to ensure quick draws of your firearms, flashlight and pepper sprays. The materials will be different from belt to belt and really depend on the persons wants, needs and likes. The buckle is probably the most important of all of these, especially for people who plan to use a tactical belt to hold their weight and any extra added weight when dangling in the air. It’s best to find a tactical belt with the strongest buckle you can find, also one preferably with hooks or carabiners to attach to.

How long do tactical gun belts last?

For the most part, tactical belts are meant to last a lifetime and should be built as such. If the belt fails, becomes faulty or breaks during your line of work, chances are you will not be looking for a refund because you will probably be severely injured or dead. But in the off chance this does not happen and the belt breaks or fails at an opportune moment then make sure the belt comes with some kind of warranty which will enable you to retrieve your money back through a refund or exchange. First and foremost, make sure the belt is backed by the company with a manufacturer guarantee as well as many gun belt enthusiast reviews with high ratings. Most belts you will purchase you will not have this problem but it is always better to be safe than sorry in these types of situations.


In conclusion, what is the best tactical belt available for purchase? Well that is a loaded question and there really is no correct answer. The best answer is to choose a belt that will best fit your needs and wants as well as aide you in the best possible way to allow you to do your job correctly and safely.

It is extremely important to emphasize safety on this issue. You literally do not want to get caught with your pants down when you are on the job. Not being able to access your tools to do your job or using a belt that will maybe fault or break while you are in the air will most likely result in your untimely death or serious injury. We cannot stress this enough. Do the research, ask around at work and with your team of friends or community. Do not spring for the first purchase because your life may depend on it.



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