How do I use my gun cleaning kit?

We can buy a gun cleaning kit easily, but we have to know how to use it properly. First of all, we can watch videos on YouTube about how to use gun cleaning kit and all the procedure of using it. All guns are not same and at the time of cleaning the methods are also different from one another. We have to know the basic instructions for using a gun cleaning kit. We have to maintain various procedure, and they are given below:

Wash hands or wear gloves:

We have to make sure that, we will wash our hands before doing any kind of activities. We can do another thing which is wearing gloves. If we wear gloves, we can prevent oil absorbing into the skin.

Unload the gun:

It is safe to unload the gun every time and double check to make sure that it is unloaded every time. We can use a gun cleaning mat to protect surfaces from scratches and solvents. There is a possibility that accidentally we can discharge our gun.

Use a Bore snake:

We have to wash the clean rods, and for this reason, we can use a Bore Snake. It will take only 10 minutes. It will save our time, and we can do it quickly.

Disassemble the gun:

We can use gun cleaning vise. A gun vise is fantastic to keep the gun steady.

Cleaning Rods:

We can use a bronze cleaning brush to wash the cleaning rods.


When we are done with all kinds of cleaning, then we can use gun lubricant. Gun lubricant can protect the gun from all types of dust.

Clean the exterior:

If we wash the interior part of a gun, it will not work adequately. We have to clean the exterior portion. We can use the double sided wire toothbrush to do the task. If we wash the exterior part of our gun, we can protect it from dust.

Wash hands again:

We have washed our hands when we have started cleaning the gun. We have to do many things while cleaning the gun. In the end, it is necessary to wash hour both hands again.

Assemble the gun:

When we are done with everything, we have to make sure that our hands are oiled up with lubricant and put all the pieces back

We have to keep it in our mind that it is essential to clean the gun regularly. We should wash a gun even after using it. It will not take more than 20-30 minutes. It is necessary to clean the gun after every time we use it. We have to find out a place with good air circulation to clean gun.


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