How much oil to use when cleaning gun?

Welcome back, everybody. Today I’m here to write about the topic “how much oil to use when cleaning a gun.” It’s one of the most asked questions of gun users or haunts loving people.

For hunters, gun is the heart of their hobby. It’s a great leisure time passion of course. Gun or pistols are also necessary tools for professional shooters, cops, military officers and bodyguards too.
To them, gun cleaning is a regular task to do. But if he is new or beginner of cleaning guns himself, it is quite tricky. Especially while using oil for lubricating the gun, they get confused ‘how much to use?!’

So let’s see the perfect amount of oil for cleaning the gun and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Importance of regular gun cleaning:

Gun gets dirty for daily firing of course. Whenever you fire your gun, the carbon, copper, lead and plastic residue of the bullet are left in the chamber, barrel, and action. The more you fire, the more it builds up in your gun. Then someone is having shooting problem and his gun is misbehaving and spraying the targets. So, to avoid this types o problem, it is must clean your gun regularly.

The advantages are:

• You can be familiar with your gun with cleaning it regularly, knowing the ins and outs of the parts of it.
• You can prevent malfunctions of your gun by cleaning it regularly and adequately.
• You can make your target perfect with a clean and error-free gun.
• Extend the durability and reliability by regular cleaning of your gun.
• Keep it hassle free by cleaning it, avoid misinformation about cleaning in online.

How much oil to use

After hundred shoots, the residue of fouling takes moistures from weather and sweat, which can damage shooting capability of your gun. A dirty gun causes malfunctions and reduces guns reliability. That’s why people use oil to moist or soften the fouling to remove the dirt quickly and correctly.

But the question is how much oil to use? Yes, there is no hard and fast rules how much you apply to clean your gun correctly.

• It will be applied according to your guns size, dirt and the solidity of the residue.

• Take a dropper and apply the oil gradually where needed. Start from 2-3 drops and gradually increase.

• Or, take a cotton ball and pour 2-3 drops oil on to the ball. Make it wet and start cleaning the parts of your gun.

But keep in mind, don’t use too much oil.

Disadvantages of using much oil

Though there is no hard rule of using oil, too much oil make some disadvantages.

• It can make your grip slippery while firing
• Much oil can catch fire if you shoot it too much
• It can spoil your cleaning process by wetting the dirt much.

Now we can decide that too much oil can make some disadvantages, but proper oil can make the task easier. So it is clear that you have to use oil according to your gun size and dirt quantity.


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