How To Clean A Gun Step by step


If you want to fire safely and keep your gun functioning, you need to clean your gun regularly. Due to the little blowup in the chamber, every time you draw the trigger, residue & sediment are remained on the inside of the barrel, making it necessary that you keep your gun regularly to avoid risky breakdown. You need to clean your gun every time you fire and especially during your practice time. Here we discuss a step by step process on how to clean a gun successfully:      

Step by step process on how to clean a gun:

Cleaning a gun is a critical task for any gun owner. Let’s see a step by step process on how to clean a gun effectively.

Step 1:

First of all the process of gun cleaning you need to soak the toothbrush or brush in the chemical cleaning solvent. Then you should clean the inside of the gun frame & cylinder. Even if these areas may be dirty, with proper & regular cleaning, they’ll not have an exceeding growth of dirt & debris. After cleaning, wipe the areas with dry, clean cloth to remove the dirt & chemical cleaner.

Step 2:

In the second step of the gun cleaning process, you need to attach the cleaning patch to the end of the cleaning rod by using a given clip. Dip the cleaning rag with the gun solvent until it is soaked, but not oozing. Gradually push the rod into the barrel and clean the inside of the gun. Now place the wet, dirty cleaning rag once again with a clean & dry one.

Soak it in chemical cleaning solution when the rod pokes by the other end of the barrel. Repeat this process for several times in the same way, replacing the cleaning rag every time it comes through the barrel. It may take 4 to 5 times before the barrel is entirely clean & a dry rag slides through without leaving any residue on it.

Step 3:

Now at the end of gun cleaning, you need to lubricate the gun parts with oil that collected in the cleaning kit. Use a clear cleaning rag or cloth to the end of the cleaning rod, dip it in oil & slide it into the barrel of the gun and back out again. After that, using a clean cloth, use a little amount of oil to the moving parts of the gun, testing them to ensure that they are functioning well.

Final word:

You need to put away the gun solvent & cleaning rag when the gun cleaning process is completed. Take time to store the things reasonably, so that the next time the gun is prepared to be cleaned, they can be found easily. Gun cleaning is about being diligent, patient & sticking to routine work. With the proper care & cleaning, a gun lasts for a long time.


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