How to use the timing belt?

Usually, the problems of timing belt appear or come without any warning. You won’t be able to know with any of squeak that it is coming. The timing belt is generally indicated as the sudden stop of the motor of the car with a cluck which was running perfectly and smoothly just a second before. In this problem, your machine will misbehave very suddenly and won’t restart at all.

Once the timing problem arises, you need to fix your engine perfectly. Otherwise, your expensive engine can be damaged, or pistons or the valves may collide because of these repairs. Make sure about the valve damage before the replacement of the belt when your timing belt has been broken. For the smoother engine, you need to know the proper use of timing belt. This content will help you by describing the steps about how to use the timing belt.


  • Remove the old belt first before buying the new timing belt. If this is about maintenance, most of the people locate the new timing belt rather than removing the old belt. Before purchasing a new timing belt, you should wait until removing the old timing belt before buying the new one that, you can easily compare the old belt with the new belt and can find out which one is perfect for your car engine.


  • Gather all the essential information about the engine of your car. You need to know the model, make, and the year model of your car. Also, you need to know about the type and size of the engine. You can find lots of variations into timing belts.



  • Disconnect the negative cable of the battery. Make sure to have a radio security code. If you have any preset radio station, then for the quick resetting take a piece of paper for the quick work.


  • Remove the belt which is known as the alternator belt. You will need to remove the serpentine timing belt according to your car model to get the timing belt. Loos the nuts if the nut is necessary to make slacks on the belt by pushing the alternator and after that remove it.


  • If your engine is equipped with one, then remove the certain distributor cap. To free the exact distributor cap, you will need to slide apart the clips which are retaining. It is just like to remove any screw which is holding the belt screw cap in the right place.


  • Line up the timing marks. You might need to rotate the machine engine until the crankshaft pulley dots are aligned with the zero degrees on the scale.


  • Check the proper setting of the camshaft and crank section timing marks. Many engines provide index line on the sprockets or pulleys that must be lined on the blocks with some similar marks on the head of the cylinder or blocks.


Loosening :


  • Loosen the mounting bolt dots by holding the timing belt following special service manual using a special cam holding tools. Unless replacing the tensioner do not remove it.

Follow these necessary steps for the proper fitting or proper use of the timing belt for your engine.



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