What is the best gun cleaning kit?

Using your firearm is a pretty complex thing and it requires special skills and lots of other things. However, everyone who uses firearms really wants them to work properly and without any complications. That is why there are gun cleaning kits on the market.

Cleaning of your firearm is an essential thing to do if you own a gun or any other firearm. Simply speaking, before using a gun, you need to make sure that everything is cleaned and perfectly still in its place.

So, with a wide number of gun cleaning kits on the market, one could not be so sure which one to get. Anyhow, we are here to discuss everything about gun cleaning kits so that you can have a full insight in gun cleaning kits.

Things that every gun cleaning kit should have

Here are some of the most important things that every gun cleaning kit should have.

1) Bronze Brush

A bronze brush is very important and essential thing to have in a gun cleaning kit. Namely, this brush is the first thing that you need to use when cleaning the gun. It removes heavy carbon buildup in the pipe so that other stuff can clean the gun properly.

2) Nylon Brush

When using a nylon brush for gun cleaning, you will be able to clean a bit more delicate parts of the gun. This is quite important since you want to clean your gun properly and without any complications.

3) Cleaning Jag

A cleaning jag is unique tool that is able to get a 360 degree clean with every bore surface. Most of these jags are made out of nickel or brass which is quite good since that prevents scratching of the inner barrel.

4) Cleaning Swab

With the cleaning swab, you will be able to remove any dirt and carbon build up from the pipe easily. When you already removed hard buildup with the brush, a cleaning swab is a great way of removing access oil in the gun.

5) Cleaning Patches

Cleaning patches are great and pretty important thing to have in a gun cleaning kit. With them, you will be able to provide a full cleaning for your gun. Just dip these patches in the cleaning solvent and clean the gun pipe easily.

6) Slotted Patch Holder

A patch holder usually holds cleaning patches so that you can use them properly. This is usually to be found in every gun cleaning kit and it really helps when it comes to gun cleaning in general. They are used for the same purpose as the jag, you just need to put the cotton on the end of the holder.

7) Cotton Swabs

Cleanings swabs should be found in every gun cleaning kit since they are a popular choice for detailing all firearms. They are made out of the long wood handle, so it is quite easy to push them down the barrel and apply pressure.

8) Other essential things

There are other essential things that come in every gun cleaning kit so that everyone can clean their gun in the best possible way. Anyhow, here are some:

  • Double-end Brushes
  • Cleaning Rods
  • Cleaning Solvent
  • Bore Snake


All in all, the best gun cleaning kit should have all these things and be pretty convenient to use. Most of the gun cleaning kits are not equipped with all of these things, and that is why you need to find the ones that are. Cleaning of the gun or any other firearm is quite important for its performance.


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