What is the solution to America’s mass shooting problem?

It is already a well-known fact that the United States of America had suffered a lot of mass shootings problems in the past several years. There have been a lot of changes that strongly influenced society in general, and after all, people still can’t find the solution to this devastating problem.
Time and time again, we are faced with the terrible news of someone getting killed or injured or being victimized in the mass shooting events that occurred recently. Not only that, but, some of these mass shooting situations were being held at the school as well. That is definitely one of the biggest concerns for every American citizen.
Now, we can safely say that every mass shooting problem is directly correlated to poor and imperfect gun safety laws. As we all know, everyone can get a gun in USA without much problems. So, what is exactly the solution to this devastating problem? Well, lots of sociologist and politicians actually claim that guns are the main problem for mass shootings.
Anyhow, there is definitely more to this subject, since guns are not the only thing to be blamed for mass shootings problem in America.

Gun Safety

A reduction of the imminent risk of lethality is quite important, and it is definitely possible through sensible gun laws and a progressive culture of safety. Now, let’s see some of the most important things and possibly the most crucial measures that US Government should apply.

1) Sensible gun laws –

Most of the people blame laws for what happened in USA during the last 20 years. Usually, they are right, but, it is not like everything would change the next day if Government passes a law that will reduce gun violence and boost gun safety. These things take time and patience to be established in the core of society. These laws are mostly directed gun vise and gun vise for AR 15.
On the other hand, there are some things that Government can actually do to improve gun safety. First, reducing easy access to weapons is definitely the most crucial one. If we try to reduce weapon availability and make it harder to anyone to get a gun, mass shootings problem will definitely be in a fall.

2) Establishing of a gun safety culture –

Now, this is definitely the most important thing that needs to be done in this country. Namely, if we take Switzerland for example, they have lots of guns (even more than USA), but they have pretty healthy and reasonable gun culture. So, if we take some steps for resolving this problem and actually work on gun safety culture, a mass shooting problem will be a thing of the past.

Some of the steps that need to be taken are:

• Reduce firearm access to young individuals – This is actually pretty important considering the fact that there have been more and more school shootings in USA in the past several years. With the reduction of firearm access to young individuals, there won’t be a threat to society and schools anymore.

• Gun industry must be accountable for adequate oversight of the marketing and sales of the guns – Most of the people think that gun industry is to be blamed for selling and distributing guns that are used in mass shootings. Well, that is not entirely correct. Gun industry should only be more accountable for adequate oversight of the customers who they are selling guns.

• Engage and take down the responsible gun dealers and illegal owners – The police and the state troops must get rid of the illegal guns and move them off the streets. As we all know, our children actually have the first contact with weapons on the street. That is why there are more and more mass shooting problems in this country.

• Insisting on mandatory licensing and training for gun owners – Mandatory licensing and training is quite important for anyone who is planning of owning a gun. This will definitely imply some discipline for gun owners and improve gun safety culture in the first place.

• The importance of the gun safe for secure gun storage – The last thing that need to be done for improving gun safety culture is mandatory gun safe ownership. Just imagine if you don’t have a gun safe and your child can easily take the gun from the drawer and accidentally use it. The gun safe is quite important when owning a gun, also, a cleaning gun kit is important as well.

3) Gun violence contributors

In order to get rid of mass shootings all over the country, we first must get rid of the gun violence contributors. Some of the most dominant gun violence contributors are trauma, social and emotional harassment, and others.

So, if there are any public health solutions for reducing gun violence contributors, they should actually be thought frequently to every US citizen. A gun control can’t help alone in dealing with this problem, so everyone should be more aware of the situations some people find themselves at.

Having a dose of understanding for those that are not just as lucky as you is quite important. After all, the majority of citizens are not even able to practice safe shooting.
All in all, dealing with social factors like these ones will definitely reduce mass shootings in USA for sure.


In the light of everything we said above, it is quite logical to conclude that there is hope and that there is a way for reducing mass shootings in our country. If we all work a little bit harder in preventing a problem, it is definitely going to get better and better as the time passes by.

Now, as we discussed some of the solutions and problems for mass shootings in America, it is understandable that any solution will take time and patience in order for it to work. Therefore, we all must be patient and willing to give our best for resolving this problem.


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